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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fable III Black Box Repack (4.16 GB)

There’s something about a virtual fantasy world populated by autonomous computer-controlled people that sparks the imagination like little else can. If you’ve never played Fable and missed out on the Xbox 360-only Fable II, there’s no need to worry about doing homework for Fable III. The characters I spent time saving don’t simply fade into the background as I make progress.
In between Fable III’s main story recruitment missions there’s plenty to do, but little that’s genuinely interesting. I can buy and operate property, but am given only the most basic options for customization, reducing what could have been an intriguing game of empire management to a dull, tedious process punctuated by a tinny sound effect as income is regularly added to my in-game wallet. I can kill or court Albion’s citizens, but the juxtaposition of goofball humor with the potential for senseless violence strips meaning from the encounters.
At least there’s style and humor in Fable III. It doesn’t build any significant foundation of character, but will make you laugh from time to time. Albion is still a pretty place, and the character models, animations and environments adhere to a cohesive and colorful fantasy motif.
A handful of quests, such as a clever take on Dungeons & Dragons, tell great stories and provide plenty of entertainment, but these are disappointingly isolated, making Fable III doubly frustrating because these moments tease the potential for a better game.
The combat doesn’t help distract from the issues with story and shallow characterization because it’s so stubbornly inflexible.
That being said, the game plays just fine with an Xbox 360 controller.
In Fable III you can be king. You quest through a fantasy countryside gathering support to overthrow a vile ruler, take the crown, then strike a balance between fulfilling promises made to supporters and the overall safety of Albion. An underdeveloped combat system, uneven story, heaps of bland quests and an endgame that feels rushed make the overall experience feel unfocused and unbalanced. For a game that tries so hard to get under your skin, Fable III rarely manages to do much more than scratch the surface.
Genre: RPG
Publisher:Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: Lionhead Studios
Release Date: May 17, 2011
Repack Features
- Cut all other language than English
- Video Recoded to Lower Bitrate
- No thing Ripped
- Game UpDated to 1.0.0000.131
- Added SKIDROW Crack
- Registry for 32 & 64 bit
- Need at least 2 GB Ram to Decompress
- Need at least 10.0 GB free space to Decompress
- Our Exclusive Installer
- Start the game from desktop