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About Us - Charvin & Nazim

     Maybe you don't care about Us... Maybe you do. At least we think it was funny to write this paragraph, so people who read this Blog will also know us a little bit.


        I'm Charvin. Of course, that's not Full real name. My real name is Anand Charvin.  lives in India. I use to hear Music, Read Books, etc to spend time and while reading a book i found out that it is cool to make a blog and put your presence in the web-world and the book was digit's fast track to blogging so I got started! but there was a problem I didn't had net at home that time when i first started writing this blog so for a year this blog remained inactive without any modifications and all but now i have got net at home and so I can edit this blog and i started doing that...

    I like to help people and thought, What can I do for them which can bring them a Smile? So at first I had no idea on how to go on with the blog. So then I started posting small things which i know.  Well even when I'm writing this i don't know what to wright here exactly.

<<--| Well Check My fb profile, :) It may give an Info

   Hey Guyzz....
           Everybody Call me Naz (Charvin Prefers calling me -Nazi!), My real Name is Nasim Afeef. I'm 16 year old,Living in India. I love Photoshop works and Internet Stuff. So when I came to know about my friend Charvin's Blog. He gave me a Place here as an Author. I'm Into that Game and Movie Stuff so I'm doing my part here..

Note:About NaZiM

      Naz Or Nazim Joined CharvinSoft in 2011, He was my Friend in Primary school and we know each other, But unfortunately after that both of us we ended  up in Different Schools. After completing High School we Met once again in Higher Secondary, This time for the same course in the same batch (Currently Doing +1 Comp.Science). So That was the point when NaZiM got in CharvinSoft and he  Knows about Photoshop and other things Online so all he needed was a stand to hold on.. So. he thought CharvinSoft a good place to Start and So He Got in and He is Going Cool... Since his First Post he have shown his dedication .. Nazi Is Great....

So.. I think you got a small detail about Us.
That's the way it is...
Join Us If you want to see Smiling faces and Satisfaction of Helping Others..
We are an Open - Non-Profit Stand...