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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Maintanance / Delayed

Hi everyone,
The site is on Maintenance mode since over an year now and as I'm really busy with academics.
I hope to start the site from scratch on a proper way with more features more authors and collaborative efforts on a different platform and with a valid domain.

It will take a while though. Well, if you have any issues related to any thing on the blog you can contact me via social media or via email.

Have a great time and enjoy the ride down memory lane.

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Thursday, April 7, 2016

We are moving to forums!

It's been more than 6 years since i put this blog up to experiment with and to help people and I had a great time here as well. I've also met new friends and many supporters and visitors.

And it seems like the time has come to make the change and close the blog and move the service to forum base, which is more user interactive and I'm kinda loving it after experimentation with several hosts and their free plans and things. I have set up forums at which runs of phpbb and going to act as the primary one while I will move all/almost the essential original posts to the forums and will get in active in the forums once it get populated enough to support people and updates. :D

We will meet again some time.

-Thank you

Update : Maintenance / Work on hold.
Sunday, July 12, 2015

Moving App storage to SD Card [WhatsApp, Games and all others] \\

Apps storing their data into phone's internal memory is not a nice option for those who don't have devices with such huge space available and almost every one want to keep their ever growing whatsapp folder into SD card to save some space of phone's internal. If you are one of those people like me who want to make the apps to save their data into your SD card instead of Saving them into the Internal, you are at the right place.

WhatsApp and many other apps tends to store all their application files including chat logs and Media files into the internal memory of the phone rather than keeping that on the SD card. And when there are times like a system ROM format or an update can indeed cause the whole data to get formatted or removed during the process.
With this trick here you can download all your big game data into your SD card as well saving you a lot of space for your games and other apps. Big Grin
To start with the process we are going to need some tools,

1. Rooted android device (Android 4.0.3 and up)
2. Xposed Framework
3. XInternalSD module
4. SDFix

Xposed needs root access for installation and requires Android 4.0.3 and up

1. Download SDFix from playstore and run the app, 
After finishing you can uninstall the app.  
This step is for extra precaution for enabling read/write permissions in kitkat. Smile
[Image: BAjbsI0l.png]
Open the Xposed Installer and Navigate to Framework.
[Image: m1BzOVbl.png]
Install Exposed Frame work to your Phone.
Note : At your own Risk, There will be a warning, Proceed at your Will.Angel
Once installed, Reboot your Phone and go to the download tab

[Image: kQWfzORl.png]
Download the module XInternalSD from there or 
Download the apk and install it in phone.

[Image: 20j6GXAl.png]
Enable the Module using the Modules Option.
reboot the phone after enabling the module.

[Image: CjfQf5gl.png]
Click on the module and Select the options.
Set the Internal path to /storage/sdcard1/Apps (Name as you like.)
The folder name will make sure that all the files and
 folders go into that folder rather than making your 
SD card a mess with files and folders on the root. 
It will make sure all the files are withing that folder.

[Image: 43cIcd9l.png]
You can enable the option for all apps and 
even select particular apps which you want 
to save their data to the sd card.
Reboot the phone. And now you have all your 
apps saving their data onto your 
SD card instead of Internal Memory.
Ps. All the data will be moved from Internal to SD. 
so you don't have to worry about that.

There are a lot of other modules available 
for Xposed framework, check the Module overview panel 
to see all the listed modules.
Enjoying using your Android phone the way you want it to work.
Big Grin