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Sunday, April 5, 2015

How to Download Files [Instructions]
Mega -the long-anticipated file sharing and cloud storage site from Kim Dotcom. Mega is focused on end-to-end encryption. This means that files are encrypted both on upload and on download.

With Mega, things are a bit different. While users can share specific files to other Mega users or via email, the URL to a file doesn’t contain a file name; instead, a cryptographic key is appended to the URL. Without this key, you can’t access the file. Once decrypted by the server, a user has the option to download the linked file.

Disadvantages of current Mega Download System
  • You can’t resume the download if your internet connection is lost.
  • you can’t reach your full download speed.
  • you have to download a complete file in one go. 
Solutions to this

  • Use Mega downloader

  • How to Download using Megadownloader

    This is the easiest method,but not the can also pause,resume your downloading in this way.
    1. Download and install MegaDownloader – [Download Page]
    2. Run MegaDownloader and add the Mega links to the downloader using the ‘add links’ button.
    3. The file in the link will be shown , just click ok and start downloading the file.