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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Skullptura Compression

Have you ever heard the name Skullptura?
If you have, then you might wonder how does he Compress games into such small sizes when compared to the Unpacked Game’s size?
 Want to know the secrete behind Skullptura Compression?
CharvinSoft have that!
     The main thing is the Compression Method itself; Skullptura uses many compression methods like 7zip, RAR, ARC etc… In these as my observation .ARC have higher compression ratio when compared to other methods like RAR and 7zip. ARC has Multithreaded Compression with good ratio and 5x faster than WinRAR! A free ARC compressor with GUI and updated Compression methods can be found at
     The fact which amaze me is that Skullptura says riped games and in the readme it says riped Nothing!!


I couldn't give up now.