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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where to Find a List of Proxies?

                Based on the previous information, it you can see that proxies and proxy servers are very important and have legitimate uses that can improve people's productivity. When used responsibly, it is possible to achieve more and make full use of the technology available not to be hindered from accessing important sites.

There are sites that contain a list of proxies also known as a proxy list, that you can use when you are looking for a proxy. You just have to be careful in getting the right list because there are some proxy lists that do not have legitimate, updated and fresh lists. A legitimate list contains a list of proxies that are new and have constantly been maintained and updated for its users. In order to see which list will be useful for your purpose, you need to do some due diligence by researching and reviewing proxy list sites and compare results of reviews and user feedback. There are lists that just contain false proxy sites and without exercising caution, you will end up wasting your precious time relying on such proxies.

A proxy list can also contain a list of any https, http or socks web proxy server. This list may contain the IP addresses of computers that serve as host to proxy servers. A list often divided by the different server protocols. The legitimate ones ban proxies that cannot be trusted and can cause problems to users. New proxies, however, come out as part of the proxy list to allow access to the sites that banned proxies are supposed to enter.

The best way to find a valid proxy list is to check on the credibility and do some random check of the proxies in the list. The legitimate and reliable list contains proxies that change constantly. This is a requirement especially that network and Internet administrators also get updates about new proxies and with the knowledge of these, they tend to include those in the restricted sites. As a result, these proxies also get blocked and can no longer bypass local network restrictions.

It is therefore advisable to bookmark a proxy list and check it regularly for updates on your favorite social site proxies and make them handy when the need comes, whether in school or at work.

You will also notice that an active proxy list reorders proxies randomly every ten minutes to provide exposure of proxies at the top. This is necessary in as much as there are more than hundreds of proxies that are listed in some proxy lists. You will have enough choices for the proxy that you need for your purpose. The best thing is that you know the proxy list site and you have it ready when you are using a public network for your normal Internet access concerns.

Using a proxy list and proxies are ways of taking advantage of technology to improve performance and to maximize the Internet resources that should always be available at your disposal. With a reliable proxy list, you are like a soldier who always has a tool that he needs for any battle. There may be times that you will not have a need for a proxy list but when this need comes and you need a proxy to access Facebook, Friendster, YouTube, MySpace or any other social networking site, it is smart to be having a proxy list as your tool to access these restricted sites.

This is the era of technology. Maximize and utilize what it offers for your different processes. As long as what you are doing is legal and an exercise of your right, you should not worry about using a legitimate, free proxy list and proxies, in particular.