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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Photoshop Signs Pack.

 Hi guys. I'm back with a new Idea..!

I am Providing 3 pack's of Sign's(Symbolls) for Photoshop which can be used for editing, Decorating text. Borders, Pictures etc..

The first 2 packs are nice symbols for text and Decoration while the 3rd pack can also be used too but it's Terror pack cause of the symbolls inside the third pack is that of Skulls and other thing's

Have a look at the pictures provided. If you think that these can come in handy then download the Pack's...

This can be helpful  New Photoshop users (Like Me) and for advanced users who wan't some cool Blending option's..

So Try it..
It's Your Choice to use or not to use it..
Enjoy another nice release from CharvinSoft..

Pack - 1
Pack - 2
Terror Pack - 3

Pack 1 is the best one of the 3
Pack 2 is ok..!
Pack 3 is for terror guys who loves skulls.. :P

{Well. when checked about the status of the file download's. This is a big failure.! POP is the best here..}