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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Perfect Replacement For Turbo C++

Hi Guys,

       I Have a good news for all those who are using those boring Turbo C++ to create C++ programs in school's and all. Well even when you can't change the TC++ in school's I have a better option for all to use a nice and clean IDE at home..
I Found this thing after a long time Searching and Testing Different IDE's out there in the web world.
The IDE is named as "Relo"; It's free and Cool, And with Relo all you want to get is the Borland C++ Compiler.

 Well, what you have to do is, Download the File Provided from the link, I have already added all the essential things and the Steps on how to make it work to do your C++ things, So you don't have to worry about anyting. Just download the file and the details are Inside..

Download the IDE (Size; 10 MB)

Configure The Compilers:


Tools --> Compilers
Tools --> Options --> Project

File --> New --> Files (Choose your)
File --> New --> Project (Choose the One you need)