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Monday, December 12, 2011

Prince of Persia The Sands Of Time Video Files

      The Persia Trilogy have been complete. The files of the Persia Game Sands Of Time is here!
Just like the Previous Files of Warrior Within & Two Thrones.

And finally with the Video files too. It's Complete..

 I thought of why repeating those words again and again making you all bored so this time something better!

      After the release of the files of the other two Persia games, it was for sure that we will give the files of Sands of time also to complete the trilogy set with all effects and sounds & videos

So It's now your Chance to get the files you have been waiting for so long and sorry if it's late.

& Thank you all for your Support and Love.. - Advanced Happy Christ Mas & New year..

Download Size : 520 MB 

MEGA Folder : Video Folder

Note : Link Updated on 05/04/2014