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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Free Unlimited High Speed VPNs

You all might know about SpotFlux & other free VPNs... And you all might know SpotFlux is kind of buggy sometimes... And other free VPNs have low speeds & usage limitations... Now here's a solution for all those who are in need of free & high speed VPNs... Just download this file & double click to execute... It works on all Windows platforms...

It consists of two Romanian VPNs which are very high speed at 10 Mb/s (1.25 MB/s)... And these VPNs support unlimited usage too... You can also use these VPNs for torrent downloading... Moreover, these VPNs don't keep logs... It's completely anonymous & secure...

And Also 3 USA VPN's, 2 UK VPN 's And a Canada VPN :) All High speed and Unlimited and Free..

This One has disconnection Command also Included :D

Now Connect And Disconnect easy :) with the style :

What's New in this release?

1. User Credentials are shown On screen, Now you can easly Enter them.
2. 8 VPN's TO Choose From (USA, UK, Canada & Romania)
3. Disconnect Easily With out hassle
4. Password Problem With USA VPN's Solved (Tnx to Shubham bro)
5. Added the USA vpn providers site to check for password change

This is Version 3.0 of this. Updated and upgraded today, and more coming soon!

Download from Open Drive and Drop Box

Open Drive :
Drop Box :

Note : To disconnect from the VPN if you can't get it the right way.
Run the Program and follow the commands :) It;s Updated!
and 8 in total now! updated 3 times today!