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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Shorting Emails In New Yahoo! Mail Beta.

How to Sort Mails in Yahoo! Mail Beta?

 This post will show you how to sort mails in Yahoo! Mail beta. As you know Yahoo! mail have been upgraded to Yahoo! Mail Beta and you can switch between Old Yahoo! Mail and The Beta one using this tiny glitch*** (The New Yahoo! Mail Beta Mail Box)
You can switch between old and new Yahoo! by Changing NEO into DC and vice versa*** (This will take you to your old Yahoo! Mail Box)

 In the old Yahoo! you can sort email's by just clicking on Action --> Sort by -->>
but there is no option for sorting in the Action Button of YMailBeta. So how to sort them?
It's simple, just click on the tabs like "From" "Subject" "Date" "Attachment(the pin sign)
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and they will be sorted to your will like "From will sort it by Sender" "Subject - By Subject" "Date - By Date(Latest first or Last)" and "Attachments - By Mails with attachments and not"

Here is a sample window
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