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Monday, November 14, 2011

Apple is replacing first gen iPod nanos due to faulty batteries

After offering to swap out a few faulty first gen iPod nanos in Korea back in 2009, it appears Apple has finally seen fit to get them out of owner's pockets here in the US (update: worldwide) too. An email just sent to registered owners (included after the break) and notice posted on its replacement program site inform users the affected units were sold between September 2005 and December 2006. If you have one (seriously, yours still works?), stop using it right now and fill out the form at the link below to order a free replacement unit. The main inconvenience -- other than finding out you've been walking around with the possibility of a "rare case" of overheating taking place in your skinny jeans -- is an anticipated six-week lag between Apple receiving the old unit and shipping you out a replacement.

The reason given for waiting so long to replace them is that when it comes to this issue "the likelihood increases as the battery ages"; that, and it's finally too late for you to run out and get a Zune. No word yet on which models will be sent out as replacements, but if yours is personalized, then sorry -- no inscriptions available.
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